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Day Classes Start: Dec 04, 2023

Evening Classes Start: Jan 08, 2024

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(702) 325-7637 (English)

(702) 280-7599 (Chinese)

(702) 969-4589 (Thai)    


Day Classes Session 1 Starts: Apr 15, 2024

Day Classes Session 2 Starts: May 20, 2024

Evening Classes Start: Sep 02, 2024

Shortest Time to Certification and Licensing

Only *5 months* to complete the 650 hours required by the State!

Learn the latest techniques

AMO teaches the latest available techniques in Traditional Chinese Tuina, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports, Reflexology, NeuroMuscular, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic, Chair Massage and more!


We help our students to register and pass the National Exams, and more than 80% of our student are able to pass the state required exam *before* they graduate.

Why AMO?

Why choose AMO?AMO SchoolOther Schools
Lowest Prices in town!
Shortest time to graduate!
Highest Quality Education!
80 % of our students are able to pass the required State exams *before* they graduate!
Assistance in applying for your license after graduation!
100% of our students are able to find a job within a week after obtaining their massage license!
No hidden fees!

AMO Massage School

Program Hours: 650

COST: $7,300

Course Length: 5 Month

Massage Techniques: 10

Other Massage School

Program Hours: 600

COST: $13,000

Course Length: 8 Month

Massage Techniques: 8